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By Rohan Singh

Living in Cloud since Sept. 2017

My Journey at GDG Jalandhar

My wonderful journey of GDG Jalandhar, from being a Naive Guy to Cloud Guy. How it all started and how it helped me. Read it here

Game in Cloud

When we play games on our Mobile, Tablet, PC, Xbox, PlayStation there are lots of things that work in backend, read how Cloud helps all things to get sync properly. Read it here

Security Architecture of AWS Cognito

Check how AWS Cognito helps you to secure your app and run your app smoothly. Read it here

Storage in Cloud

Check how Cloud store your data, how can you put your data in Cloud, a comparison b/w GCP and AWS Storage Service Read it here

How GCP balances a huge amount of traffic?

Learn about Google Load Balancing and how manages different types of traffic for your server. Read it here

HTTPS Load Balancing in Cloud

Check how Google handles HTTPS traffic that is coming to your server in cloud. Read it here

SSL and TCP Proxy Load Balancers

Check how Google handles SSL and TCP traffic that is coming to your server in cloud. Read it here

Internal Load Balancer

Check how you can use Google Load Balancer service internally via private IP. Read it here

Understanding Your User…

How do you understand your user? Read it here

Where UX fits in Development Cycle

Development Cycle is very must while creating any app or website, lets check where we put UX in development cycle. Read it here

Elements of UX

Learn about Core Elements of UX. Read it here

Strategy Document

Strategy Document is a document that we create to find the business goals. Check why and how to do it. Read it here

User Journey, Scenarios, Storyboards and Flows

Check why need User Journey, Scenarios, Storyboards and Flows to create good experience for user. Read it here

Google Compute Engine — Pure IaaS

Check how Google Compute helps you to provide service to your customer at low pricing. Read it here

My Journey at Coding Blocks

A journey from Hero to Superhero. Read it here